Project 6

‘50+ un job – BXL’

This project focuses on people over 50 who live in Brussels-Capital. It is subsidized by the Brussels government. Age is one of the biggest discrimination criteria in recruitment, as shown by various studies. However, there is no lack of motivation and experience.

In partnership with the WorkCentre (‘Centrale de l’emploi’) and Actiris, this target group is linked to companies in the region via the JobRoad three-phase model. Complementary to the matchmaking actions, the WorkCentre (‘Centrale de l’emploi’) provides soft skills training for incoming candidates who need extra support.

How do we work?

The matchmaking actions within this project follow the Job Road 3 phase model (duration 1 month):

1. Kickstart – the companies

Brussels companies that are looking for employees and value the experience of the target group will inform the trajectory counsellors of people over 50 about the corporate culture and their relevant vacancies during the kickstart meeting. These companies commit to meeting candidates from the target group, presented by Job Road, without requiring a CV (‘blind hiring’).

2. Screening & Matching - the candidates

Candidates are registered by trajectory counsellors on the screening & matching day, organized by Job Road. On that day, the candidates are screened for their motivation, learning ability, relevant experience and competencies. They are matched by JobRoad to participating companies and vacancies. Candidates who are not ready for work can progress to the training offered by Centrale de l'emploi.

3. Project week – the introduction

During the project week, JobRoad accompanies the selected candidates to the participating companies. Through the exploration of the working environment, they are presented with all information about the vacancies. Later that day, the candidates meet individually with the company's HR manager. For candidates who are not retained after the project week, opportunities within the network of JobRoad companies (ambassador companies) will be further explored.

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