About us

JobRoad in a nutshell

JobRoad has been steering people from disadvantaged groups towards suitable employers to obtain the right job since 2016. The highly personal approach breaks through the barriers of language, mobility and competency that hamper easy access to the labour market. An efficient lever to help these people into a job within a year, significantly speeding up their integration process. JobRoad’s major value added? It is a network project in the purest sense, for 4 players. Employers and their partner temporary employment agencies, (supra)local authorities and intermediary organisations combine forces here to achieve the same declared objective: filling vacancies with untapped talent. We use our own JobRoad model, which is adapted to every specific type of target group. Personal support for the candidate in finding an employer is provided in three speedily completed phases. Further integration is encouraged by extra training and by awareness-raising activities in the working environment.

The mission

The mission of the international non-profit organisation JobRoad ivzw is that every vulnerable person in the community has the fundamental right to full participation in society. The reason for the vulnerability makes no difference: origin, due to temporary circumstances or otherwise, sweeping social changes etc.

The vision

JobRoad’s vision is that work is the most important integrator in this. The defined strategy? The road to ultimately achieve participation for everyone who is at a significant distance from the labour market is based on three pillars: activation, training and awareness-raising.

Our SDGs

In its daily operations and future plans, JobRoad permanently focuses on four SDGs. This stands for ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, drawn up by the United Nations (2015).
SDG8 waardig werk

Decent work and economic growth - SDG8

Work is a very important integrator for JobRoad. Not just any job, but work that is widely appreciated. And where the dignity of the person not only remains intact but is further strengthened. Healthy economic growth helps to further increase the dignity of work for everyone.

SDG 1 Geen Armoede

Combating Poverty - SDG1

JobRoad aims to guide people who have difficulty finding the right track to a decent job, to and on the work floor. Precisely the broad target group where poverty lurks around the corner and for whom work provides a decent basic income.

SDG10 Ongelijkheid verminderen

Reduce inequality - SDG10

By working specifically with and for disadvantaged groups, jobRoad helps to make social, economic and societal inclusion possible for everyone. Age, gender, race, origin, economic or other status, etc. should never be a reason to treat people 'differently'.

SDG4 Kwaliteitsonderwijs

Quality education - SDG4

Within each local network, jobRoad tailors the job search to the education one has already received. Broadly viewed, not restrictive. Moreover, to increase the job chances of candidates, JobRoad actively guides them towards additional, personal training..


JobRoad’s mission states: “Every vulnerable person in our community has the fundamental right to participate in society.” Work is a very powerful integrator for this purpose. JobRoad presents 3 projects to achieve this objective.

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