Network for companies, intermediary organisations, local authorities and vulnerable groups

Network for companies, intermediary organisations, local authorities and vulnerable groups


The international non-profit organisation JobRoad ivzw is the network organisation for people who are at a significant distance from the labour market. Its twin goals: to combat the acute shortage of workers and promote the integration of vulnerable people by work.

JobRoad has been steering people from vulnerable groups towards suitable employers to obtain the right job since 2016. The highly personal approach breaks through the barriers of language, mobility and competency that hamper easy access to the labour market. An efficient lever to help these people into a job within a year, significantly speeding up their integration process.

JobRoad’s major value added? It is a network project in the purest sense, for 4 players. Employers and their partner temporary employment agencies, (supra)local authorities and intermediary organisations combine forces here to achieve the same declared objective: filling vacancies with untapped talent.

We use our own JobRoad model, which is adapted to every specific type of target group. Personal support for the candidate in finding an employer is provided in three speedily completed phases. Further integration is encouraged by extra training and by awareness-raising activities in the working environment.

“JobRoad’s key strength is the preparatory phase that is presented to the network in an early initial phase”

(Bert Mons, VOKA West-Vlaanderen)

“It’s high time for practical solutions. A good example is the JobRoad network project.”

(Peter De Cuyper, research manager, KU Leuven)

“Thanks to JobRoad, things got easier for me. I had the prospect of employment within two weeks.”

(Sameh Madanikochak)


JobRoad’s mission states: “Every vulnerable person in our community has the fundamental right to participate in society.”

Work is a very powerful integrator for this purpose. Personal support for the candidate in finding an employer is founded on three pillars: activation, training and awareness-raising among colleagues.


At the moment, JobRoad focuses strongly on newcomers with a migration background who have a native language other than Dutch. As of recently, the ivzw has also directed its attention towards the target group of prisoners (the ESF project ‘Way Out’).
The candidates are given a helping hand and are personally supported in a series of three rapidly completed phases.


• Phasae 1 – The company

Through the network, local companies – in search of employees – put themselves forward. These companies, from a very wide range of different sectors, briefly present their company, its corporate culture and the available vacancies to the development supporters.

• Phase 2 – The candidates

In pre-screenings, the candidates’ motivation, learning capabilities, relevant experience, skills and talent for basic communication are examined. Before looking at their diplomas, skill level or knowledge (of languages).

• Phase 3 – Introductions

On the actual project day, JobRoad accompanies the selected candidates to the participating companies. Through this orientation in the work environment, they are provided with full information about the vacancies. Later on the same day, the candidates meet the company’s HR manager individually. An evaluation discussion with the different players from the network rounds off the project day.

Development & training

JobRoad makes optimum use of what is already available by VDAB or other partners.

In addition, new, innovative development programmes are created which complement the range of training available. This way, people who are at a significant distance from the labour market are more intensively prepared for their employment in the near future.


The concept is the other way round from normal:

JobRoad adapts existing development and training available according to its own strategy. The international non-profit organisation departs from the principle that ‘a candidate is not ready for work and therefore has to receive training, after which he/she has to be turned loose on the market on his/her own’.

JobRoad turns the concept the other way round: what specific need does a relevant employer have? After this is determined, a thorough examination is made of candidates who are eligible for such a job in terms of their interest and motivation. 


Clear advantage:

The great advantage is that, on the one hand, the employer knows in advance which candidates are in its development project. On the other hand, the potential employee gets an extra helping of motivation because he is already linked to a specific employer during his training.



Is there no exact training available at the moment that responds to the employer’s demand? In that case, JobRoad creates an innovative development project by seeking expertise elsewhere and adapting it to that which is already available in-house at the employer.


The new international non-profit organisation helps registered companies to deal more smoothly with ‘diversity in the workplace’ by means of a variety of socio-artistic workshops. In addition, JobRoad offers member companies a quality label and additional information for their social HR policy.


“Integration never previously considered this way”

 Through socio-artistic workshops, possible hard-and-fast conceptions of diversity in the workplace are given a thorough shake-up.

In a creative manner, actors and narrators reveal the unknown aspects of a social issue such as diversity. Employees discover in a playful but not-to-be-misunderstood form the advantages of diversity.



Jobroad provides supportive assistance to refugees on the labor market.

Edith Vervliet

Jobroad introduces job seekers with a migration background to companies.

Stad Gent

Britt Roels

Job trends in 2019: Employers are looking for alternative channels. There are fewer and fewer job seekers per vacancy.


Arne Oosthuyse


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To help reinforce JobRoad’s leverage effect as a network-builder between companies, intermediaries and people from vulnerable backgrounds, your company can become a member.

The members and JobRoad management share experiences and know-how via the membership. The non-profit organisation can expand its personalised assignments further by this means, and also thanks to your financial support.

How to become a member in this network? Please contact:

Joachim Commeene

Joachim Commeene

CEO JobRoad tel. +32477630288

Looking for work & training?


Looking for staff?



What impact can a company have within the network? And what decisive role does JobRoad’s distinctive approach play in this? Here is a direct testimonial.

“The labour market is crying out for initiatives like JobRoad”

(Koen Braekman, CEO Verona.Pro)

READ MORE... is a leading manufacturer of PVC and aluminium windows for the B2B market. The family business with roots in West Flanders celebrates its centenary year in 2019.

CEO Koen Braekman had faith in the distinctive approach of the new ivzw JobRoad at a very early stage:

 “Everyone knows that the labour market in Flanders is plagued by a huge shortage. There’s definitely a very low rate of unemployment in the area around our parent company here in Tielt. As a result, is constantly in search of employees with a specific profile: we need technically trained people for both shop floor jobs and the preparatory office work. The combination of the labour market shortage and our need for technical profiles creates a major problem in getting the right employees on board”.

 Smooth collaboration

“After the first contact with JobRoad, we got to know each other better. We joined the project enthusiastically, which resulted in particular success for

For example, the collaboration on selecting our first candidates in 2017 went like clockwork straight away. Sameh Almahad had already completed great studies in Iran, the country of her birth, giving her strong capabilities. She arrived in Flanders with her husband, who is now doing scientific research at the University of Ghent.

After the trial period, our company immediately offered her a permanent contract as a calculator. It’s definitely no easy task for Sameh to master Dutch, but she’s working on it. The further she develops in that area, the more opportunities will open up to her in our company”.

 “JobRoad plays a decisive networking role”

JobRoad’s distinctive approach is a very quick, good way to get suitable candidates put forward to us. In actual fact, the labour market is crying out for initiatives like this, that give more intensive and effective support in steering the right person to the right vacancy with employers like JobRoad plays a very decisive role in this network”.


Joachim Commeene

Joachim Commeene

CEO JobRoad

Nathalie Galland

Nathalie Galland

Projectmanager Activation

Debbie Denolf

Debbie Denolf


Lotje De Ridder

Lotje De Ridder

Projectmanager Development & training

JobRoad ivzw Board of Directors:

Conny Vandendriessche – Chairman

Rika Coppens – Director

Ingrid Lieten voor GCV Linnovation – Director

Thomas Wauters – Director

The mission:

The mission of the international non-profit organisation JobRoad ivzw is that every vulnerable person in the community has the fundamental right to full participation in society. The reason for the vulnerability makes no difference: origin, due to temporary circumstances or otherwise, sweeping social changes etc.

The vision:

JobRoad’s vision is that work is the most important integrator in this. The defined strategy? The road to ultimately achieve participation for everyone who is at a significant distance from the labour market is based on three pillars (*): activation, training and awareness-raising.