Project 17

ESF59: Inclusive workplaces

Is your company ready to tackle the hidden barriers and create a more inclusive work environment? JobRoad is an organization specialized in guiding people with a longer distance to the labour market and companies that want to employ them. Thanks to the support of Europa WSE, JobRoad can help companies to have a more diverse influx and to deal with that diversity in the workplace. JobRoad has a unique offer to optimize your intake, recruitment and retention policy.

A company can participate in an intake process. JobRoad also organizes workshops and provides coaching tailored to your company to achieve a more diverse workforce and more inclusive recruitment practices.

  • intake process: take part in one of the matchmaking campaigns in Flanders/Brussels. You come into contact with a broad influx from social society (VDAB, OCMW, other non-profit organizations that guide vulnerable target groups). Candidates are always screened by JobRoad before the companies meet them. To participate in one of our matchmaking promotions, (click here).
  • Workshops: about diversity in the workplace and including recruitment aimed at employees, operational managers or HR managers. For an overview of our workshops, see the (overview on our website). We are also open to creating tailor-made workshops.
  • Customized coaching: aimed at making the recruitment process more inclusive, resulting in a greater inflow and better retention.
    • Competency games: moving away from a classic job interview, working with competency games as a recruitment practice
    • Competency-based screening: moving away from vacancies, working with core competencies
    • How do I avoid bias in recruitment and implement more inclusive practices,
    • Inclusive onboarding: : Implement an inclusive reception policy and promote retention of diverse talent.
    • Providing and implementing other inclusive recruitment practices (blind hiring, etc.)
  • We also work tailor-made based on a specific identified need at the companies.

Since we receive subsidies (Europe WSE – ESF59) to help create more inclusive workplaces, we can offer a number of hours (max. 36 hours) of services for free.

Transform your business today with JobRoad’s tailor-made journey. Contact Eliese Kublik ( or Pauline Vercammen ( and discover the power of diversity and inclusion.