Project 4

Jobcafé – Littekens vzw


Littekens vzw, a dynamic Ghent community of young people, serves as an inspiring platform where they motivate each other by sharing authentic stories and (in search of) being their true selves. Through social media and the website, they regularly share inspiring stories of young people who have emerged from difficult situations and have taken control of their lives again. The main goal is to encourage young people to make an inner “click”, reclaim their self-esteem, and seek help if necessary. Littekens strongly believes that meaningful work can contribute to stability. In collaboration with vzw Jong, El Paso vzw and JobRoad, and with the involvement of their partners, it bridged the gap between young people with emotional scars and the labour market. Littekens offers young people practical contacts and regularly organizes live events where young people can meet informally with people and organizations that can support them with their challenges. JobRoad plays an important role in this by guiding job-seeking young people from the Littekens community to companies that think and act inclusively.

In 2022 and 2023, JobRoad organized the Job Café together with its partners.

How does it work?

JobRoad organizes a Job Café together with its partners. The aim of this event was to bring young people into contact with the possibilities of the labour market in an accessible way. It included a job market with various organizations where young people could apply directly, and an interactive part where young people and employers shared experiences in an open dialogue. The intention is to place even more focus on intensifying efforts to bring young people into contact with the opportunities that the labour market has to offer in an accessible way. Littekens, vzw Jong, El Paso vzw and Job Road remain jointly committed to the social integration of young people with emotional scars.

After movie 2023: